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Wellness packages, curated by you, delivered by us.

We champion that wellness isn't one-size-fits-all. That's why we've created a platform that puts the power back into the hands of experts, allowing practitioners to curate personalised at-home supplement plans for their clients with ease. W-Wellness offers practitioners and their clients access to results-driven, credible brands, backed by quality research, tailored to meet their own individual wellness needs, wherever they are on their wellness journey.

Hear what Dr Galyna Selezneva has to say about W-Wellness.

Dr Galyna is one of London's leading medical aesthetic doctors, currently practicing at one of the world’s leading clinics, Dr Rita Rakus in London and with a specialist interest in the link between being well and looking well.

Wellness packages; curated by you, delivered by us

Stand out in a competitive market. W-Wellness offers brand education, access to scientific research & training from independent experts to all practitioners. Helping to keep you at the very forefront of brand innovation, scientific development & market changes.

Offer your clients a premium one stop shop service for all their wellness needs. Our team of independent experts have done the research to deliver a curated edit of the best, results-driven credible brands. The platform offers comprehensive support with follow up and aftercare, helping you to monitor your client’s supplement journey and track their progress.

Our team of independent nutritionists and medical experts have analysed the research and compared the brands in depth in order to curate our current flagship brand portfolio which is ever evolving, ensuring we stay at the forefront of science and market developments. W-Wellness allows practitioners to decide bespoke solutions for all their clients, wherever they are on their wellness journey.

Clients can only access the platform and products via our expert community. Once they have registered on the platform through you as a practitioner, they will get access to the products you have recommended for them and can easily purchase at the click of a button.   Your clients will receive a gold standard service, access to a premium one stop shop experience for all their wellness needs, signposted by you, their practitioner.

If you are interested in joining the W-Wellness community, we would love to hear from you. Please email hello@w-wellness to register your interest and apply for access.

We offer best in market products to cover across all genders and age groups. Allowing you to showcase a curated selection for each and every client.

W-Wellness provides practitioners and their clients access to health and wellness guidance and an opportunity to purchase the very best, results-driven, credible nutritional supplements, vitamins and wellness products, all in one place with an elevated, premium shopping experience.   Offering a variety of highly efficacious brands to suit all client needs and an associated gold standard service, practitioners and physicians can use the W-Wellness platform as a partner to signpost all of your patients to for everything wellness whilst providing you with a passive income in this space.   Practitioners can create a bespoke virtual shelf of supplements, making it easy to create personalised supplement plans for all clients. W-Wellness streamlines the journey from virtual store to your client’s door and offers a subscription service ensuring your clients never run out. W-Wellness also offers comprehensive support, helping practitioners easily monitor clients’ wellness journey and progress.

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