Vitamins for Hair Growth and Thickness

To keep hair thick and healthy, The W-Edit calls on the expertise of Nutritional Therapist, Maz Packham. Here, she reveals the role supplements can play in hair health

“Not only is your hair one of the first things people see when they meet you,” explains Nutritional Therapist, Maz Packham. “It can also be a reflection of the state of your overall health and wellbeing. For this reason, it’s important not to underestimate how vital it is to support optimum hair health, from the inside and out.”

The hair growth cycle is a complex process, and one which means that it’s not unusual to lose hair – in fact, we can typically lose upto 100 strands of hair in just one day! Maz continues, “This can be affected by diet, stress levels, hormonal changes and how we treat our hair, excessive heat styling for example can accelerate damage to the hair and ultimately contribute to hair shedding.”

Whilst Maz is keen to make people aware that this amount of hair loss isn’t usually anything to worry about, she also thinks that it’s vital to educate people about the nuanced role that nutrition and supplements can play in relation to hair health.

In order to understand more about this synergy between nutrition, supplements and hair health, Maz believes it’s useful to look at the science behind it.

Do supplements really help hair?

As a nutritional therapist, Maz is often asked if supplements for hair health actually work.

“The effectiveness of hair growth supplements depends on a number of factors; from the quality of the formulation, what nutrients are included and at what concentration, to how well you absorb the nutrients,” she explains.  “Some studies suggest that certain supplements may help to improve hair growth for some people.” 

Maz adds, “it’s important to also look at your diet as there are lots of ways to boost your intake of nutrient-rich foods that support healthy hair including eggs which are a good source of protein and biotin, essential for hair growth, and leafy greens such as spinach and kale rich in iron and vitamin C which can help with collagen synthesis.”

It can be helpful to identify the cause of the hair loss in order to find a suitable solution or a supplement that may be able to help improve symptoms. Hair loss is frequently linked to changes in hormones or can be a result of deficiencies in certain nutrients, so working with a qualified expert who can look at your specific case and support with a diet, lifestyle and supplement strategy can be beneficial.”

How hair supplements actually work

A healthy balanced diet rich in all the essential nutrients and vitamins plays a crucial role in supporting hair and scalp health, however, Maz sees first hand through her role as a nutritional therapist that many people struggle to maintain this balance on a regular basis. This is where targeted supplementation can beneficial.

“Many supplements for hair loss are designed to replenish key nutrients such as Biotin, vitamin D and iron, to restore optimal levels in the body,” explains Maz.

“Common ingredients in supplements designed to support thinning hair and hair loss include;

– B vitamins such as Biotin- which helps the body make keratin which is a protein that can strengthen hair, 

-Omega-3 fatty acids – which can help to regulate oil production of the scalp, maintain the integrity and strength of hair strands and also encourage hair to keep in an active growth stage, 

– Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the follicles from oxidative stress which can affect hair growth. It can also support a healthy scalp by improving circulation and balancing oil production, 

– Zinc plays a role in hormonal balance, especially when it comes to androgens which are typically known as male hormones, but are also produced by women, and play a role in hair growth. A deficiency of zinc has also been linked to hair loss so optimal levels are desirable. 

Are hair supplements safe?

With an estimated 16.1 Million Brits reaching for supplements to overhaul their health, there has never been more choice when it comes to supplement brands, different formats, as well as places to purchase them. For this reason Maz is keen to emphasise that safety is more important than ever.

“As with all supplements it’s important to seek expert advice before selecting and buying supplements that are designed to support hair health,” explains Maz. “It’s important to make sure that the supplements are bought from a reputable source and are well formulated. When it comes to nutrition, everyone’s needs are different and W-Wellness offers bespoke and personalised supplement plans, access to leading medical & wellness experts, comprehensive health and wellness guidance, and a curated selection of exceptional nutritional supplements, vitamins, and wellness products.”

“When selected to suit the individual’s specific needs, hair supplements can be an effective way to support healthy hair growth, thickness and texture.”

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