Can collagen boost the benefits of your workout? by Nathalie Hayward

When we talk about collagen, our mind jumps straight to the benefits it can provide for our skin. However, collagen supplements can actually boost the benefits of our workout, not only improving performance but supporting the muscles afterwards. 

Leading fitness expert, Nathalie Hayward, has told the W-Edit that she believes the right supplements can not only elevate the quality of your workout, but also the results. 

“Exercise and wellness go hand in hand, we know that to support our mind, we need to move our body”, says Nathalie. “When we exercise, our brain will release chemicals, such as endorphins and serotonin, which can improve our mood, reduce stress and may even relieve pain. There are things we can do to support workouts, and one thing I include in my fitness regime is collagen supplements.”


Enhance muscle recovery

Nathalie explains, “our body needs time to recover after a workout, especially after intense exercise, which can cause microscopic tears in our muscles. Collagen can help with post-workout muscle repair, due to the high levels of amino acids.” 


To increase energy and endurance levels

“Your energy levels will be affected by a number of different factors, such as hormones, what time of day you are exercising and what you have been eating recently. Collagen supplements give me a natural energy boost, whilst providing support to my bones and joints,” says Nathalie.  


Can support bone health 

“Weight bearing and resistance exercises are paramount for improving bone density”, says Nathalie.  “We reach our peak bone mass between the ages 25 and 30, after this it starts to decline, which could mean we are more prone to injury. Collagen supplements may be able to help with bone density by boosting muscle protein synthesis.”


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